Day 43: Just Do It

"Dog, Awakened"  Art journal, magazine collage.

"Dog, Awakened"  Art journal, magazine collage.

I was off my game today. I didn't feel like making art. It was largely because I got a comment on my blog; not this blog, but another one. Actually, it's not so much a blog as an online parking space for a story that I wish to make available to the public, about my dealings with an unscrupulous auto mechanic a few years ago. (If you're interested, click here.) The comment was from that mechanic. Once in a blue moon he appears and makes a nasty remark, and that gets me all riled up again. 

I used to post a link to that story on Facebook now and then, but lately I have been "letting sleeping dogs lie." Until today. I put up a post in a neighbourhood Facebook group I belong to, and so far the mechanic blog post has racked up more than 440 visitors today. That guy should learn not to poke the sleeping dog.

Feeling agitated, I put off doing my art journal page, until I decided that I should just try to express my agitation somehow. Once again, it was National Geographic to the rescue. I struggled with it, but both my daughters egged me on: "Just do it, mom." They are right, of course.

And now I am going to go and disable the commenting function on my other blog.