Day 33: If It Comes Into Your Head, Try It

"Resistance"  Art journal, watercolour, 9 x 12"

Some of my favourite art learning experiences have been with Steve Rose, a wonderful artist and teacher.  I often hear his voice in my head as I paint, saying "Trust the integrity of the mark" or "If it comes into your head, try it."

Lately I have been exploring different ways to apply frisket. Today I was spraying it with a toothbrush. It got pretty messy, and my fingers were covered with the stuff. And the thought came into my head: "What if I made a handprint with frisket?" 

The title is a double entendre. It refers to the technique used (frisket applied to resist the paint) but also to the gesture of the hand, indicating resistance. Today, with the Ghomeshi trial underway, I thought of women resisting sexual violence or unwanted advances. No means no.