Day 61

Six one-minute sketches, art journal, ink

Today got me thinking about what the "rules" are for this project of mine. I get to make them up. So far, each day I have posted something that I finished that day, either a painting (posted on the day of completion) or a page from my art journal. 

But what happens if I paint for hours but don't finish the piece, then have no time or energy to do a "proper" art journal page?

Part of my project and promise to myself is to do an art journal page every day, even if it's just a doodle. So on days like today, when the painting I have been working on is not ready for "prime time," I guess you'll get the quickie art journal page. For this one, I challenged myself to do six one-minute drawings without getting up from the couch. Some challenge, eh? On the last one, I ran out of time AND ink!