Day 130

Title TBD.  Watercolour, 21 x 29"

I completed two pieces today. The one above is one of three watercolours that I have been working on for a week or so. I decided to try a spring/summer scene using my "random forest" technique (until now all my forest pieces have been autumnal).

The other one is yet another little pear:

"Pear 46"  Pastel on cheesecloth, 7 x 10"

An artist who wishes to have or be in a show is generally encouraged to create a body of work in a consistent style, using the same theme, medium, colour palette, or whatever, for a look that is recognizable as belonging to that artist. As you might have noticed, I have trouble with that. That's why I love being on a studio tour: I can show whatever I like, and if anyone is confused about the range of styles, I'm there to tell them, they're all mine. 

However, if I want to get into a major juried show (like the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition) or a gallery, I will probably have to settle down and play by the rules. Hmm. In which direction should I go?