Greetings from the bottom of the slippery slope!

After 561 days of doing some kind of art and posting it online every day, I skipped a day of posting (back in July while I was at the cottage), and that was the beginning of the end of my daily art project. It stumbled along for a while longer, but now it's been weeks since my last blog post! And although I am still busy with art, I no longer do it every single day. I figure it's time to acknowledge that.  

It was a great exercise. Some days I resented it; many days it kept me up past my bedtime. But it certainly stretched me and improved my skills. Maybe I will take it up again some time.

Meanwhile I am still making art and I will post paintings as I finish them.   I did this little pastel painting today "en plein air" at a special Art Day event in the Rouge National Urban Park. It's been years since I painted on site outdoors. It was fun despite the unseasonably stinking hot weather! 

Thanks to all who followed my daily art journey.