Day 387

"Women's March".  Art journal, watercolour.

Today I attended the Toronto version of the Women's March on Washington with my daughters and sister (and friend Kish who took the photo below).

The 506 streetcar we took to get there was packed with fellow protesters... so packed that the driver (a woman) announced, "You'd better ring if you want to get off cuz otherwise we're an express now," and the whole car erupted in cheers. At the Queens Park stop, where almost everyone disembarked for the rally, she said, "OK, folks, go give 'em hell!"

It was an inspiring day. There was a minute of silence that was especially moving. There were people and signs as far as we could see. My sister printed off 10 copies of my art of the day from yesterday, a heart painting called "Love Trumps Hate", and was handing them out to people around us (bless her heart). I feel more hopeful than I have since the election, but I know it's just the beginning.

And in case you're wondering what the image above is supposed to be: it's Earth (the world) wearing a "pussyhat" -- inspired by the hundreds of thousands who took to the streets around the world today, many of them wearing pink hats.